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We have all heard the horror stories - Nasty tenants who leave the property in a disastrous state, only to disappear before any action could be taken against them.

This nightmare came true for a homeowner named Simon Landsheer who rented out his apartment through Airbnb in December 2017 to a guy named Mohammed from Saudi Arabia. Simon took to Facebook to detail his personal experience with this nasty tenant.

Mohammed stayed at Simon’s place for about six weeks and continuously extended the period of his stay. When Mohammed left the apartment, the property was in a state of utter disaster, to say the least. Not only that, he left behind an electricity bill amounting to approximately RM 2000 for his 6-week stay!

He left stains everywhere. From the floor, the bed, the stairs, and all around the kitchen counter.

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

Apart from the stains and water dripping out of the fridge, Mohamed also damaged several furniture and cooking appliances in the house. Some of the furniture were disassembled and strewn across the floor.

Source: Facebook

Another disturbing discovery was the battery-operated devices (i.e powerbanks, phones and laptops) that were cut open and left around the apartment. Based on the evidence, it is probable that the apartment may have been used as a site for drug-usage.

Source: Facebook

The damage, which amounted to approximately RM 50,000 include replacement of all the furniture, chemical cleaning, replacement of all cutlery and cookware, repainting the whole house and smoothening the walls, restoring the kitchen, electricity cost and replacement of the household appliances.

From the screenshots of the WhatsApp exchanges between Simon and Mohammed uploaded in the Dropbox folder, it seems that Mohammed even threatened Simon and his family. On another note, it turns out that this nasty tenant was a repeat offender, as after Simon’s post went viral, 4 other Airbnb hosts reached out to Simon to inform him that Mohammed had done similar things to their properties!

This story is one of the hundreds of tenancy-related horror-stories out there. Perhaps this could have been avoided altogether if Simon was aware of Mohammed’s horrifying track record. Prevention is better than cure, it is crucial that homeowners take measures to ensure that their property don’t fall into the wrong hands.

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