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Not evicted fast enough, tenant destroys property

"Not me, but my best friend and his father run a property management company nearby.

They had a couple of tenants on the third floor of a building that were angry, out of work, addicts and apparently just not nice people.

They were getting evicted and knew it, but in my state that is a LONG process, so they proceeded to take anything of value and destroy everything else. They took the dishwasher, refrigerator, and some carpet. They destroyed the closets, bathroom fixtures, cabinets, walls, etc. They even pooped in a bucket and left it in the unit.

And then the Coup de grace.

The guy used to work construction and mixed up some quick-setting concrete and poured it into EVERY Drain. It destroyed most of the plumbing in the building as the pipes all drained down to the floors below. They had to tear the walls apart and completely redo all of the plumbing it touched.

I mean, it was terrible and one of the biggest jerk moves I've ever heard. But, on the other hand, the best way I've ever heard of completely screwing your landlords."