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Rental nightmare, 23 tenants in one unit trashed and destroyed

"My parents rented out our old 1,500-square-foot house to a nice looking couple. They had one child and seemed clean. A few months go by, and we start getting calls from the neighbors stating that there is a terrible odor coming from the house and that they believe the tenants may have another family living there. My parents make plans to go check on it the next day.

Well, they postponed it until the next week when they received another call - the tenants had left during the night. My parents are busy and ask me to go assess damages. I go over there, get out of my car, and the smell hits me at the street, a full 20 feet from the door. I said to myself 'screw this,' left and grabbed a respirator and came back. I didn't want to walk through the house and inhale whatever the heck was making the smell.

I opened the door and nearly passed out. Furniture was covered with poo, holes in walls, the carpet was stained in darn near every spot that you could see. I say 'every spot that you could see' because you couldn't really see much of the floor. There was way too much trash.

As I'm walking through the living room, I'm wondering how this small family and even another family managed to accumulate this much trash and cause this much damage. It's not until I get to the basement and the bedrooms that I see why. There were 23 mattresses in the house. No box-springs, no frames, just dirty stained mattresses on the floor. There were at least 23 people living in this small house.

There were other things, but the number of disgusting mattresses and the poo-stained furniture were what stood out to me the most."