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Tenant killed after forced to give up child custody

Tenant and his wife were divorcing and were in the middle of a nasty custody battle. Wife brought the child over for a weekend visit and got into a fight with the new girlfriend. New girlfriend knocked her unconscious, tied her to a chair and kept her locked in the apartment until the tenant came home. The tenant and girlfriend spent a week torturing wife until she finally signed papers relinquishing custody.

After the wife gives up custody, the tenant and his new girlfriend kill the wife. Tenant takes the drywall off the wall in the apartment, shoves wife's body between the wall joists and puts the drywall back up. He leaves her there until he can't stand the smell in the apartment anymore. The tenant then pulls the drywall back off, pulls out the body, puts it in apartment complex refrigerator and carries it off.

The tenant dumps the body in the national forest and sets it on fire. Then the tenant brings the refrigerator back to the apartment so he can keep using it. When the police come looking for the wife, tenant sets the apartment on fire to cover up the murder but only does minimal damage.

Police arrest tenant for murder. Tenant's mom bails him out of jail. Tenant returns to the apartment and demands the apartment complex repair the drywall, get the smell out of the wall joists, clean the blood up out of the carpet and the subflooring and replace the refrigerator. Tenant also demands that the apartment complex add the new girlfriend to his lease.

When the tenant is served with an eviction notice, he trashes the entire apartment then waits until his new girlfriend comes home. He douses her with gasoline, locks her inside the apartment and throws a Molotov cocktail through the window. When the cops come, he blames everything on his new girlfriend who is now comatose with severe burns over the majority of her body.

Tenant is arrested again and held without bond. So his defense lawyer subpoenaed every other tenant in the building to testify and begins taking depositions that come across as bullying/threatening. Apartment complex insurance company attorney refuses to represent the tenants and have the subpoenas quashed. Half the tenants move out so they didn't have to deal with the lawsuit/press/murder. The other half group together and sue the apartment complex because the management failed to maintain a safe living environment.

It cost $3,000 for the eviction. It cost $20,000 in insurance deductibles to repair the fire damage, but the insurance company paid out almost ten times that. The insurance company also paid out over $75,000 in legal fees and settled out the lawsuits for roughly six figures.

Apartment complex owners filed for bankruptcy. The management company didn't get paid their fees. The manager didn't paid for the last month's work or the severance package in her contract."