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You won't believe the damages this tenants did to the rented property

If you're a homeowner and have rented your house to tenants, you're probably well-versed with horror tenant stories, and might even have your own nightmarish experience to speak of. But when it comes to being terrible tenants, this couple certainly takes the cake. It all started back in May in Guangxi, China, when a landlord rented his house to a foreign couple. During the negotiation process, both parties agreed that the minimum tenancy period is one year. Everything went well and dandy for the first five months, but last month, the couple suddenly informed the owner that they wanted to move out, and demanded for their deposit. The owner decided not to refund their deposit of course, as their agreement has clearly been broken. The disgruntled couple moved out nonetheless, but they also left a nasty surprise for the landlord to discover. In order to get back to the landlord for disagreeing, the couple bought some dead fish and placed them in the sink, refrigerator, vase, cupboard, and even the ceiling of the house. The fish was only discovered after neighbours complained about foul smell coming from the unit.

Due to the dead fish decomposing everywhere in the house, maggots began breeding as well and the whole house was stinking to the high heavens. The fridge was left in the worst condition, as it was full of maggots. So the landlord had no choice to throw it away. He couldn't even find anyone to clean the house, as all cleaners did not want to take the job, as they deem it unmanageable. By this time, the couple had already fled and are nowhere to be found, which left the owner with no choice but to clean up their mess. Netizens were fuming by the couple's actions, and they urged the owner to lodge a police report, so that the couple may be brought to justice. “Clearly they’ve damaged your property, so you must report to the authorities! Don’t let them get away!,” a concerned netizen said. “Please disclose their particulars so that other landlords can be on the lookout for them!,” another Facebook user said. Let's hope the nasty couple will be brought to justice, and the homeowners will manage to clean the house so they can rent it out to responsible tenants instead.